What is a car diffuser and how does it work?

Our mini car diffuser is a simple way to to add a bit of aroma to your car. To use it, just tie it securely to your rear-view mirror with a double knot. Then, tip the diffuser over for about 5 seconds, allowing the fragrance to saturate the wooden cap. Place the diffuser back upright, and the scent will gradually release into your car's interior over time as it naturally evaporates.


How long does the scent last after tipping the diffuser?

Typically, you can expect the fragrance to last several days before needing to tip the diffuser again. However, we recommend tipping over every other day for 1 - 2 seconds for a consistent scent.    Please Note: The fragrance may evaporate more quickly during the summer months due to the heat and sunlight in your car compared to winter. As a result, you may find that you don't need to tip as frequently during the summer, as the wood tends to saturate naturally due to the heat.

How long does the car diffuser last?

Typically lasts 4 - 8 weeks

Is the fragrance oil used in car diffusers safe?

Yes, the fragrance oils used in our car diffusers are non-toxic and IFRA compliant, which means they meet international safety standards for use in consumer products. However, exercise caution to prevent skin contact and ingestion.

Can I change the fragrance by using different fragrance oils?

It's generally not recommended to change the fragrance in your car diffuser by using a different fragrance oil. This is because the original fragrance oil may become saturated in both the bottle and the wooden cap. Introducing a new fragrance oil may result in a mixture of scents, altering the intended fragrance profile. If you wish to enjoy a different scent, we recommend either continuing with the same fragrance oil or considering the purchase of a new car diffuser with your desired scent. This ensures a consistent and enjoyable fragrance experience.